5 Reasons Why the iPhone 14 Pro will top the iPhone 14

Apple has been making versions Pro of your smartphones since iPhone 11, but for most people, the differences between regular and Pro versions have been quite minimal. Unless they’re enthusiastic photographers, most people don’t need all the extra features that models Pro offer.

But in 2022, it seems that Apple is finally learning the importance of upsell: the iPhone 14 Pro seems to be a sharp improvement over the basic iPhone 14.

If you are on the market for a new smartphone this year, then you will want to give an eye on iPhone 14 Pro. While the iPhone 14 Normal Pro is certainly an excellent phone, the iPhone 14 Pro is prepared to offer even more features and improvements. Here are five reasons why you should consider the possibility of becoming Pro when iPhone 14 is released in September.

A large 48-megapixel camera

According to information, the next iPhone 14 Pro models will feature a 48MP rear camera sensor. This is a significant increase in the 12MP sensors Apple has been using since iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will allegedly record 48MP images, but will use the pixel binning to deliver 12MP images to those who want to save in space.

This will not only provide more details for photos and videos, but will also allow 8K video recording – something that has never been possible on iPhones before.

New processor A16

There is a rumor that this year’s iPhone 14 alignment will use two different processors – the A16 Bionic for Pro and A15 Bionic models for regular models.

This can be a big difference from previous years, where all iPhones used the same chip in the series A and had almost identical performance.

The A16 Bionic will be much faster than the A15 Bionic, so if this rumor is true, users will definitely notice a speed difference between the two types of iPhones.

Say goodbye to Notch

The notch has been an Apple subscription since iPhone X in 2017, even being cut out on its top-of-the-range MacBooks.

But it was never popular with buyers who at best don’t care about it. If you want to get rid of the notch in 2022, then you will want to be Pro, according to several sources that have pointed in that direction.

That said, what is expected to replace the notch also seems a matter of taste. Everything points out that the iPhone 14 series Pro will use a hole for the front camera and a stack-shaped clipping for facial identification technology. If you think that a double hole on the screen is better than a notch, that is largely due to personal preference.

Zoom continues to be Pro

An iPhone with a 3x optical zoom is a great feature, and it is likely that iPhone 14 has this same feature. This is something that has been exclusive to iPhones Pro so far, but there is no indication that this will change with the new model.

If you are looking for a phone with a great camera, the iPhone 14 is definitely a model to consider.

A softer screen with an ever-alloyed screen (Always-on)

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro use both OLED screens, but only the last one has ProMotion – the 120Hz refresh rate that makes the moves and a little smoother and opens the door to games that go beyond 60fps.

It is expected that this difference persists with the next generation, but the iPhone 14 Pro will also have for the first time an always active view (Always-on Display). This has been a bet on major Android phones (and in fact on Apple Watch) for some time, and allows details such as time and notifications to be shown even when the phone is not awake.

For iPhone 14 Pro, it is even expected that the connected screen always includes wallpapers, as shown above. Thus, you can get the same iOS 16 lock screen widgets – only with a weaker brightness.


The iPhone 14 Pro is scheduled to be released in September, and there are many reasons why you should consider upgrading to this phone.

The iPhone 14 Pro offers a larger screen, a more powerful processor, and a better camera than the normal iPhone 14. In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a longer battery life and greater storage capacity.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-range smartphone, it is definitely worth considering the iPhone 14 Pro.

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