Apple announces iOS 15 will have new app integration features

Apple announces iOS 15 and brings new app integration features

During WWDC21, the annual developer event, Apple presented some of the new features of iOS 15. As it was already expected, the new version of the iPhone operating system is entirely focused on the integration of different functions.

New features have been added to Facetime, which will now feature spatial audio during video calls.

According to Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Apple Software Engineering, the idea is to offer more immersion, creating a similar sound experience to when a person is talking to you in person.

The app will also allow you to delete or capture ambient sounds with just one touch on the screen. This is because, depending on the context of the call, you may want to prioritize the voice of the person on the other side of the line, or to experience the auditory immersion of the place where they are.

Speaking of Facetime, Apple also announced the arrival of Portrait Mode for the video calls app. The novelty brings some smart features, such as the “bashing” of the background to highlight the person ahead.

The “Share Play” feature also comes to Facetime, allowing you to share music, movies, and series that you’re streaming. You start the call and then open a corresponding streaming platform (at the virtual conference, Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+ were mentioned). When you start playing a video, the person who is on call with you will be able to follow, with shared controls.

Android users can also participate in calls via Facetime through a shareable link – a novelty that comes late for Apple’s video calls system, but you should already know if you use apps like Zoom or Google Meet.

The notifications also went through a brief redesign, now the popups are slightly more rounded and larger, displaying not only icons of the corresponding apps, but also photos of the contacts who messaged you.

By focusing on them, the new “Focus” feature allows you to have a more comprehensive management of your notifications. If you don’t want to always click on a notification immediately, now you can save it for later, accessing it later through a center that will separate everything you received by priority or type of activity: if you are working, then material pertinent to applications you use in your job will be prioritized, for example.

In the case of Messages, you can now group incoming media from your contacts in the new “Shared With You” section by organizing the material by media or category type.

For any media, you can now use the “Live Text” function to select, copy and interact with textual elements that appear in the photo. For example: let’s say that a photo you received has the phone number of a restaurant, you can select this number directly from the image, copy it and use it on your iPhone’s phone app.

During the WWDC21, Apple reported that the first beta of iOS 15 should arrive in July 2021, with the final version of the system being released between September and October.

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