FIFINE K690 Microphone Review

The pandemic led us to see accessories that until recently we didn’t even think of them and the microphone is one of them, because the earphones or headphones did the work that was necessary for much of the uses. But with the turn to the use of the internet for much of the situations, such as teaching, lectures, among others, that ask for a quality microphone.

However, the price can be preventative and limited and fortunately there are many options on the market that offer excellent price quality and today we speak exactly of an option that complies with this “requisite”, the FIFINE K690 microphone.

The FIFINE K690 has exactly its quality-price as great feature and during this analysis we will show you of its features and if you look for a microphone with quality and at a competitive price, this can be a good option. It does not compare to a top of the range, however it fulfills the goals for much of the uses.

FIFINE K690: Construction and Design

At first glance, the FIFINE K690 microphone looks like your normal microphone. However, there are plenty of useful additions that come from series in the contents of the box.

Downloading the unit reveals the FIFINE K690 microphone itself. It’s a well-packed cylindrical unit. Already outside the box, it is connected to the adjustable bracket. This support is very useful, especially with its 360° rotation, allowing you to position the microphone as you prefer. If you are going to use an arm or any other type of support, you can turn off the unit of this support, simply by unplugging the screws on the sides.

The microphone is manufactured in robust plastic. It is quite solid and, along with its matt black finish, it has a metallic aspect. The included support, however, is metal. It also has a matte black finish. This gives you an elegant and first-quality look along with a quality construction. There are no small noises when using the unit, which also shows its overall quality. The holder also has rubber feet underneath, so it is firm on any surface as well as avoids scratching it.

There are plenty of buttons on the device. On the front, it has the silence button on the top. Right above is the LED indicator light, which displays green when it is recording and red when it is mute. Below is the volume lever, which is used for the audio output of the device. Users can connect their headphones under the microphone, which has a 3.5mm outlet. This is a very useful feature.

At the rear end of the FIFINE K690 microphone, it has two more buttons. The first of them is paired with the micro, the second being to adjust the polar patterns that are natively supported by the microphone.

As mentioned, the bottom of the unit also houses some elements, already mentioning the 3.5mm connector. Then there is also the central screw to allow connection to another arm or support to your choice. There is a male to female adapter that also makes it compatible with additional connectors of different sizes. Finally, there is the miniUSB port. This is used for USB cable, which connects to your PC, laptop or other device to start recording. It’s a little strange that the unit still offers a miniUSB port, but it can do the job.

FIFINE K690: Installation and Configuration

Installation on modern devices is quite simple. This is no different with the FIFINE K690 microphone. Given the included miniUSB cable, you can simply plug it into your recording device and should be all ready. Immediately you will notice that the LED indicator light in front turns green to indicate that it is already available.

Once on, you can then start adjusting the settings. This includes the gain and default levels through the rear commands, or using your device settings. There is no software included available, but all functions work by default. Windows has some settings that can also be adjusted to different profiles, which makes it quite easy and useful to your configuration.

If you need a headset when it is being used, you can simply plug it under the K690 and it is ready to work. Volume settings on the device make it easy to control the audio output. Mostly, out-the-box settings are perfectly suited to most environments from which you will record.

FIFINE K69: Audio quality and performance

In terms of specifications, the FIFINE K690 is a condenser microphone, which offers multi-polar standard settings (stereum, cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional) with a 48kHz sampling rate and a 16-bit bit rate. In addition, it offers three 14mm condenser capsules and a frequency response between 20Hz and 20kHz. Finally, the sensitivity is between -45±3dB (at 1kHz).

Switching between the four patterns is quite easy. Just hit the toggle button on the back and it’s all ready. By default, it is set to stereo. However, the cardioid pattern works better. The cardioid recording captures the sound directly in front of you. This is to record your voice during the creation of a video or a meeting.

For both, it works very well. However, it is worth noting that it will require the microphone to be quite close to you to get the best quality. If you don’t want to have the microphone in view during video capture, you can move it a little bit more and adjust the settings, but then you will also start picking up some ambient sounds.

The bidirectional recording captures the sound from each side of the microphone, with omnidirectional throughout the 360° environment. This is good for when you have a recording session of two or several people, respectively. And lastly, the stereo tape is exactly what it says. This is for audio stored in stereo format.

When in use, the FIFINE K690 microphone provides good quality audio. I tried some recordings based on multiple microphone positions using each pattern. They all did their job quite well, in a general way. When using the cardioid pattern, the quality depends on how the microphone is positioned.

As stated above, it is necessary to adjust to capture the best quality and volume. Since the room was quite silent from where I recorded, it was never a problem when the unit is positioned further and captures the surrounding sounds as there was none. However, when moving out, you will certainly notice the difference.

FIFINE K690: Verdict

The FIFINE K690 microphone is a very good quality unit. Its design and construction are very good and its audio recordings are great. There are also some additional features introduced, which can all be manually activated on the device itself without the need for any software.

At a sale price of 118€, the unit also has a very good price. Actually, it’s great. Given the flexibility and audio quality of the unit, it is really worth the purchase, especially when you want a top-level quality in content creation.

FIFINE K690 is a great microphone for those who have a low budget. Offers various patterns for your recording style, while having a solid build quality.


  • Multiple polar patterns
  • Solid design and construction
  • Good sound quality
  • Adjustable support included
  • Cons:

    • Use miniUSB
    • Does not include pop filter

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