German company makes 22 modern units of the classic Volkswagen Beetle, each selling for $3 million

Milivié, a new German company aimed at Restomod developments, is showcasing its first product,the Milivié 1, which isa creation based on the classic Volkswagen Beetle. Its production will be based on the model 1303 of the Volkswagen icon in the 1970s in the United States, being limited to only 22 units – this is also a reference to the original Beetle, as 22 millions was the total number of units manufactured of the classic car.

Restomod means to restore a classic car by performing adaptations that will update technologies and improve aspects such as performance and comfort, without altering the originality of the vehicle. In view of the value starting from 570,000 euros for each Mile 1, the modernization of the Beetle is being well valued, it seems. We are talking about a price above the $3 million today, and this is without any taxes or additional fees.

Beetle meets Porsche

In its composition, Milivié added suggestions from several Porsche models, such as the nose of the 356, produced from 1948 until 1965. LED lighting makes the turn of the headlights, bringing oval contours lined with the Porsche RS Spyder. On the back, a spoiler to the “path-tail” format is attached to the engine cover.

According to the German company, the classic chassis is enhanced with a focus on aerodynamics. A suspension of double triangles was also installed in each corner of the car, which features front and rear disc brakes working on 19-inch wheels (which have five design options).

Modern Technology

In its interior, this $3 million Beetle offers individual spaces for four people, in carbon fiber seats. There are wooden details going through the panel, with 12.3-inch screens for instruments and for entertainment – with various display modes including the display of analog meters.

There is also a sound system with nine speakers and amplifier, front and rear cameras, parking sensors, electric and air conditioning direction. Among the ways of charging electronic devices, in addition to wireless charging, passengers find 220 volts, USB and USB-C ports.

The Milivié 1 uses a four-cylinder engine with a couple of Weber carburators and electronic ignition, accompanied by an automatic four-speed ZF 4HP transmission.There are three different gearbox modes: Drive, Sports and Manual.

Milivié, founded by artistic engineer Jonathan Engler, will work directly with their customers, allowing them to customize their units as much as they want. The first delivery is scheduled for July 2023, while the company’s plans are to deliver the last of the 22 Milivié 1 in May 2025.

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