HarmonyOS: Huawei alternative to Android will be launched next week

After presenting some versions of Harmony tests OS for developers last year, the Chinese Huawei – which registered a revenue drop in the first quarter – is ready to present its new operating system to the public.

At least this is what we got from the 13-second teaser posted by the company on YouTube and the Chinese microblog Weibo, which confirms the release date of the system that will replace Android on brand mobile phones for next Wednesday (2).< /p>

According to the Ars Technica portal, the new operating system will basically be a modified version of Android 10 with some extra settings. The proprietary interface of Huawei, EMUI, must also be present in HarmonyOS.

A Huawei promises that software will offer more integration between different device categories, plus an adaptable user interface and faster data transfer between the gadgets embedded with the system.

It is worth remembering that the company has been working on the platform since 2019. In addition to mobile phones, the software will also run, according to Huawei, on smart devices (IoT) and even on some brand computers. The novelty, according to the Android Authority, must gradually reach other markets beyond China in the coming weeks.

Huawei plans to invest in software development

To address the US government sanctions, Huawei also plans to invest in software development to diversify its product portfolio. This is another strategic shift from the Chinese company to try to deal with US pressure, which considers Huawei’s products and services as a threat to national security. It is also worth mentioning that the company announced plans in April to act alongside Chinese automakers to produce intelligent vehicles. >

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