How to Cancel Amazon Prime After the Free Trial

Amazon is one of the leading online stores, with a very interesting proposal for its customers, where Amazon Prime stands out, a subscription service that allows not only to enjoy some services, but mainly take advantage of the company’s fast delivery service, which happens in 24 hours, in much of the situations.

But once a year, Amazon also promotes Prime Days, two days of excellent exclusive promotions for Amazon Prime subscribers and many take advantage of to subscribe to the 30-day test Amazon has available. So what about after 30 days, how does Amaozn Prime cancel? That’s what we want to share with you.

Now, if you haven’t seen it yet, Amazon Prime really has a 30-day test that you can take advantage of (and you should) to enjoy the quick deliveries of Amazon purchases, however, after 30 days, the service has a cost of 3.99€ or R$14.90 per month. There is also an annual possibility for 36€ or R$119 (which means a savings of 25%). But what if you don’t?, how can you unsubscribe from Amazon Prime?

It is probably purposeful, but the truth is that canceling Amazon’s Prime service after subscribing is not easy and involves several “Don’t Want” during the process. So if you want help to definitely unsubscribe, we are here to help.

How to cancel Amazon Prime?

First of all, let’s explain what I enjoyed with Prime. The service gives you access to ultra-fast shipments, exclusive Amazon agreements, and a huge variety of Prime member benefits. The perks are also on Prime Video. But if you don’t want to pay for Prime, here’s how to cancel your membership.

The following information can be used if you opened a free trial to take advantage of Prime Day offers last week.

If you decided to cancel your membership at Prime, you can do so by clicking on the “Cancel subscription and benefits” button on the right side of the Amazon Prime management page. You will find the link below where your renewal date is listed.

Clicking on the link will take you to another page, where you will need to confirm that you want to cancel. Amazon also provides a notification option for when the subscription is over, which allows you to decide a few days before whether to cancel or renew your subscription.

How to cancel Amazon Prime: Check when your free trial ends

If you recently signed up for Prime’s free trial, to take advantage of Prime Days, you can see how long you have left on your Prime test by going to your Amazon account.

To get there, log in to your Amazon account; on the top right side of the page, you will see a “hi” message with your name. Open the drop-down menu below that message where it says “Contacts and Lists” and select “Your Prime Subscription”.

The resulting page will show how long you are a member of Amazon Prime, as well as the date on which the next subscription will be charged and, also, when the free period ends, if you subscribed it. In this area, you can also select a reminder by email three days before the renewal date.

In addition, if you receive a late Amazon Prime delivery, you can contact the customer service to claim. As a possible form of refund, the company may extend its subscription for a month.

How to cancel Amazon Prime: Can I get another free trial?

Amazon customers are only eligible for a free Prime test every 12 months. This means that if you cancel your membership, and decide to give Amazon Prime another attempt, you will need to start immediately with paid membership instead of starting with another trial period.

However, if you’ve spent 12 months since your last 30-day trial, you’ll find this option again in your account, where you can try Amazon Prime again without any payment.

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