How to reduce latency and improve your gaming experience

From Fortnite to Overwatch, Rocket League or League of Legends, playing online has never been so popular. Cloud-based PCs and consoles like Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch triumph in the market. Esports fill stadiums and mobile gaming grows without stopping.

These are fantastic times for players, assuming, of course, that everyone has a fast and stable Internet connection. Although many of the online games do not need high speeds, there is an indicator that remains at the center of attention: latency.

What is latency?

Latency (often referred to as ping) is a parameter that reflects the response times of Internet connections. In other words, latency describes the time space between sending a data package to a receiver and receiving the response package sent back.

When phone calls are made over the Internet or during online games, good latency is important because even small delays can quickly become noticeable. Especially in action games, a low latency allows you to react faster than opponents. The following principle applies: the lower the latency value, the better.

Use these tips to optimize your latency:

Replace the router

If latency is not low enough, this may be due to the router. A simple restart is sometimes enough. However, ISP devices are often unable to deliver good performance. Replacement for better equipment can decrease latency.

Update the game

The problem is sometimes due to an error in the version of the game used. It is possible that this error has already been rectified in a more recent version of the game. An update can thus contribute to the reduction of latency.

Reduce data transmission

The simultaneous use of a large number of devices reduces data transmission speed by terminal device, thus increasing latency for each of them. The best thing to do is turn off the devices that are not needed. More bandwidth for the specific gaming device is available during the game session. It is not advisable to use VPN links or proxy services.

Connect to the nearest available server

The region where the game server is located can be established in some games. If possible, select a geographically close server. Lateness increases proportionally to the distance the transmitted data has to go through.

The best way to access the Internet

Wi-Fi is the most popular connection technology for casual players. Mobile technology is also perfectly suited for most mobile games. On the other hand, a stable Wi-Fi network depends on many external factors. Generally speaking, walls and ceilings slow down Wi-Fi.

This quickly leads to problems if the router is too far. Most professional players prefer to use a direct connection to the router with a LAN cable. However, the router is usually not found in the division where you want to play. In this case, powerline is the best alternative. The necessary infrastructure here is already available in any home because powerline uses the electric line as if from a long handle of data.

Powerline adapters like devolo’s Magic series transmit Internet signals through the router’s electrical network to the required outlet. A new Internet access point can thus be installed quickly in any division. In addition to LAN ports, many devolo devices also include Wi-Fi functionality with the new mesh technology. The Wi-Fi mesh is highly suitable for casual players and other multimedia applications such as streaming music and video, for offering high-speed wireless Internet throughout the house.

The ideal solution for long distances

Powerline offers numerous advantages when compared to Wi-Fi-based solutions due to long distances from the router, thick walls, built-in heating or reinforced concrete ceilings can slow down the Wi-Fi signal.

On the other hand, powerline technology easily overcomes the problem of long distances, offering an Internet connection with high transmission stability from any outlet.

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