How To Restore Uninstalled Apps On Android

Losing an important app is never a productive event, as we store a lot of data on these tools. So knowing how to recover uninstalled apps can save your information if it happens on your mobile.

So we leave some useful methods to get your apps back along this post. Enjoy to check out what they are and never lose your tools on Android again. To know where to start, just read this matter to the end and find out!

How to recover apps uninstalled on Android?

Android is an operating system developed with several important recovery functions. Thus, you can get back your data, files, passwords and even the apps you uninstall from the device.

After all, sometimes we end up downloading some super useful game or app, but we do not remember what name to search again. Although the Play Store has an optimized search engine, finding this tool can be a difficult task.

Therefore, knowing how to use methods to recover uninstalled applications is critical. Thus, you save a good time in search and manage to have your applications back without headache. So check out the best alternatives:

Using the history of the Play Store

The simplest way to recover an uninstalled app is by using the Play Store history. This is because everything you search and download on your device, is saved in your account in case you need it later.

So in order to use this history and download your uninstalled apps, you need to follow a few steps. To make it even simpler, we separate a tutorial to guide you during this task, check out how it got:

  • First, go to the Play Store on your Android device;
  • Then tap the icon with your photo;
  • Then select the Manage apps and devices option > Manage;
  • Thus, use the tab to change from Installed to Not Installed;
  • Finally, click on the app and install again.

Still, you can delete this data if you don’t want someone to see your app history. If you do that, it’s good to remember that you won’t be able to find this information again if you need to download the app again.

Using Google Backup

Another way to get how to recover uninstalled apps is by using Google backup. After all, all the activities you perform on your device are saved in the remote storage, to be rescued when necessary.

However, to use the backup, you need to reset the device (or when you buy a new one). Thus, on the initial settings screen, the system itself gives you the option to access saved backups to rescue that data.

With this, you can choose which apps you would like to have back and download again on your device. But don’t forget that this is a method for when you lose all apps. Otherwise, it is much simpler to use the Play Store history.

Also, if you want more help recovering apps uninstalled on Android, we have some tools that can help. So be sure to check out some simple and useful alternatives here to bring your apps back again.

Where is Play Store application history?

Play Store application history is a simple and effective way to learn how to recover uninstalled apps. In addition, it is in an easy-to-access menu, which does not require much experience with the app to use.

Just access the menu manage apps and devices, within the general options on the Play Store. Thus, you can view all the applications you have on your device currently and the ones you have already removed.

Another important thing is that the history of the Play Store does not have a time limit to keep these contents stored. So if you need an app you’ve used for a long time, the information will still be available on your account.

How to recover data from an erased application?

In addition to recovering apps uninstalled on Android, in some situations there are methods to bring their data too. However, it is necessary to use programs from external sources such as Recoverit, EaseUS Mobile or Recuva.

These apps work with scans in the memory of the device, searching for information on the disk. However, there is no guarantee that this method is effective, since this data can be overwritten easily and cease to exist.

Where are the uninstalled apps?

Uninstalled apps do not have a specific folder or location where they are stored. So when you remove any, it ceases to be on your device fully. At most, some related data is saved in the partitions.

However, as the information on your device is linked with the Google account, the history of the apps you downloaded remains. So if you need to change your device or redeem a lost app, these are the best recovery options.

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