How to take a screenshot on Android

Screenshots are a very useful thing. You can use them for numerous situations. One of the situations you can use them is to capture “tweets”, information you wanted to save to later remember (take print from a hotel to later go search, etc.), actually prints can have an infinite functionality, and can be more useful to you than you imagine.

The methods for making screenshots can vary depending on the Android version that your smartphone and also mainly the smartphone brand.

Screen Captures with Android 12

If you keep pressing the lock/unlock button and press the button to decrease the sound, it will take a screenshot of what you were seeing.

After doing this just go to the gallery, in the screen capture section and swipe from bottom up on the screen until you find the print.

If you enable Google Assistant, you can ask google to remove a screenshot.

You can see that a small version of your screen capture will appear at the bottom left, along with buttons that allow you to share or edit your screen capture.

You can also tap the screenshot to get more options, you can write it, change colors, numerous functions at your disposal.

Screen Captures in sequence with Android 12

A very good feature on Android 12 is the ability to make sequence screen captures i.e. in other words, get more from the page than that is immediately seen on your screen. (Some Android smartphones, like some Samsung and Huawei have had this feature for some time).

Make your screenshot, look for the Capture button in the bottom left corner, next to the shared and edit buttons (You may not be available in all apps.) and then tap it.

You will see the entire page on your screen, the bigger the page, the smaller the “selector”. Adjust the margins to cover the maximum page you want to capture, and then select the save option in the upper left corner of your screen.

Screenshots with Android 11

Press the lock/unlock button and press the button to decrease the sound.

Use the multitasking panel, which shows all your current apps, to reveal the Screenshot button. Tap the button to make a screenshot of the visible page.

Either way, the screenshot will appear as a thumbnail at the bottom left corner. Tap the thumbnail to edit it, share it or even delete it.

Screen Captures with Android 10

You can take your screenshots by pressing and holding the power button. You will see a pop-out window on the right side of the screen with the icons that allow you to turn off, restart, call an emergency number or make a screenshot.

By holding down the lock/unlock button and pressing the button to decrease the sound will also be able to remove a screenshot.

How to find screenshots

Your screenshots won’t be helpful if you can’t find them! There is an easy way to find your screenshots if you are using Android 12:

Press the Photos icon on the home screen or where you have the Icon Photos, tap the Screen Capture shortcut and go directly to your screen capture folder.

If you are not using Android 11 or 12: you must access your Photos app, upload to your library in the bottom right corner, and there in that category Photos on the device will see an icon with the word Screenshots and just load there.

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