Hyundai offers free Bluelink in the new HB20

Hyundai’s connected car system, called Bluelink, will debut in the HB20 2022 versions. The package will be available for free during the first six months of use and works together with Vivo Companies. According to the assembler, the technological solution focuses on five different service groups: safety and assistance to the driver, prevention of theft, convenience, alerts and car care.

“Bluelink will promote the democratization of connectivity services by being launched from the most affordable and popular vehicle of the brand, the HB20 sales champion” – says Ken Ramirez, president and CEO of Hyundai for Central and South America.

When it comes to driver’s safety and assistance, BlueLink offers automatic collision notifications and 24-hour assistance. The first one sends an automatic signal to SOS Bluelink when the vehicle airbags are triggered. Then, an attendant receives the accident information immediately and the exact location of the vehicle. He is responsible for sending an ambulance to help the victims and contact the passengers until the arrival of the rescue.

There is also assistance to the owner, who can ask for help any day and any time by pressing the SOS button, which is in the internal rearview mirror. By doing this he will reach an operator, who is responsible for sending the winch to the car’s location. There are no additional costs for any of these services.

To prevent theft, Hyundai’s Bluelink offers stolen vehicle tracking, immobilization and notification. If the vehicle is stolen, the driver can contact the Central SOS Bluelink, which will inform the police of the exact location of the vehicle and assist in its recovery. Finally, there is also a feature that locks the car for new people after it is turned off.

Convenience services can start the engine from a distance, which then lets you control the air-conditioning in the Motor Remote Departure function. Doors, windows, flickers and the alarm can also be accessed. The driver can also use “Find My Car” to find the vehicle anywhere in the country.

The system also let’s you stay within the speed limit, and manage the radius of circulation from a pre-determined point and interval in which the car should not circulate. If anything is violated, a notification alerts the owner of the vehicle. In the multimedia center, you can have access to a complete diagnosis of car systems such as airbags, tire pressure, electric direction, among others.

The partnership with Vivo leaves the operator responsible for the data solution that will allow communication between Data Center, Service Center and the Bluelink app. “The embedded e-SIM IoT allows manufacturing and testing anywhere in the world, giving full freedom to the company about its production chain,” said Vice President B2B of Vivo, Alex Salgado. After the six-month free period, drivers pay a monthly fee of $29.90 for access to all Bluelink features. HB20 Sport TGDI 1.0 AT and HB20 versions Diamond TGDI 1.0 AT; HB20S Diamond TGDI 1.0 AT; and HB20X Diamond 1.6 AT and HB20X Diamond Plus 1.6 AT receive the serial system.

Bluelink is also offered as an optional item from the Evolution 1.0 MT versions of hatch and sedan settings, and the Evolution 1.6 AT version of the HB20X adventurer. In this case, the price suggested by Hyundai is $1.400.

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