Interactive Toyota exhibit brings immersive experiences and full projection of Corolla lights

In Blue Springs, in the American state of Mississippi, Toyota has opened an interactive exhibit to offer visitors a deeper and more immersive view of the company’s work. The Toyota Mississippi Experience Center was built next to the local factory of the assembler, in a space of 4.5 square kilometers.

The exhibit features a variety of attractions, including multimedia content for immersive experiences and simulations. There are also video kiosks where Toyota employees share their personal experiences at Toyota, as well as their diverse backgrounds and careers before Toyota.

The Toyota Corolla Lights Show

In the center of the gallery, visitors can experience a unique lights show where the Toyota Corolla, which was built in the factory next door, is the main attraction. There is also a timeline in motion highlighting the company’s 125-year history, even simulators and collaborative robots.

The experience center was designed to involve and educate visitors of all ages. ‘Our goal is to show Toyota’s culture, which is necessary to produce America’s best-selling vehicles and the many high-growth career opportunities in advanced manufacturing,’ said David Fernandes, president of Toyota Mississippi.

With tram rides by the factory scheduled to start yet this year, Toyota’s exhibit is already open to the public, running from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. . In Japan, the automaker also has a special location with a very similar configuration, the Toyota Automotive Museums, but with a different approach.

There are legendary brand models on display, but there are also several vehicles from various other brands, including competitors. The Toyota Automotive Museum not only celebrates its own vehicles, but also honors all cars that believe have contributed significantly to motorsport as a whole. Among them, there is the Honda NSX, several Nissan Skylines and even a Mercedes-Benz 190E.

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