Is Netflix not working on your browser? Learn how to fix it!

One of the most common problems that netflix subscribers face is the M7121-3078 incompatibility error. If you bump into this error, know that it is probably a problem with your browser.

The good news though is that this issue is very simple to solve. Currently, netflix only offers official support for the five most popular browsers: google chrome; microsoft edge; mozilla firefox; opera and safari, the Apple browser.

How to fix this problem?

A way to resolve the error is simply to download one of these browsers, even if you only use it to access netflix on the computer.

If you already have one of these browsers and are still getting the same error code, make sure your browser is updated to the latest version! The error also appears in very old versions of chrome, for example.

If neither of these works you can still download the official Netflix App for Windows in the Microsoft Store, which bypasses the need for a browser altogether.Still having problems? Netflix has some support channels to help subscribers with specific issues.

Check out the official support page here.

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