Microsoft Office for Android lets you transcribe audio

The Microsoft Office version fro Android has gotten an important new feature. The app will allow the user to capture and transcribe voice recordings on the phone. The new tool greatly facilitates student work (and journalists too!).

The voice capture feature of Microsoft Office for Android will transcibe speech in real time, so that you get live text. There is also support to highlight the synchronized text during playback, helping the user to review notes.

Another possibility offered by the novelty is to share recordings and transcripts with other Microsoft 365 applications. Subscribers can also split the audios into parts and transcribe the texts of different speakers based on their identity.

You need to update your app or download the latest version of Microsoft Office for Android from the Play Store. Initially, however, the novelty only works with the language of the app defined as English and the United States set as the region.

It is also being released slowly by the company. “The features are released over a period to ensure things work perfectly,” highlights a Microsoft statement on the company’s official blog.

Check out how to transcribe your voice in Microsoft Office for Android:

Microsoft suggests experimenting with the feature, starting recording and then replaying it and pausing. The user can also observe the process of converting speech to live text. When finished, play the audio again. It is still possible to rename the recordings, delete and edit the transcribed text.

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