Surveillance camera of a Tesla Model 3 records man booing car

The Sentinel Mode that protects Tesla vehicles from theft may be one of the most praised features of these cars. The tool has successfully identified criminals in the past as well as stopped previous car theft attempts, giving it a very positive reputation. The feature recently added to its list of achievements another discovery of vandalism of a Tesla Model 3, but ended up recording more of the criminal than he would expect. Bob Scirpo, a resident of Palo Alto, California found his car, stopped in the parking lot of a mall, with the rear glass on the passenger side broken. When he went to see the footage captured by the vehicle’s external cameras, activated by Sentinel mode, Scirpo was able to identify the suspect. But for this he had to see several scenes with the criminal, with much of his pants down, showing his underwear to the camera.

Scirpo told the whole story by his Twitter account in a humorous way. “I will tell you an item that this thief did not find when invading the car, but that he desperately needs: a BELT. Someone get this guy a belt!” he wrote in one of the tweets. Items that were inside the vehicle were not taken.

The video of the incident was published on YouTube by InsideEVs contributor Gustavo Ruffo. The moment the man breaks the car glass is not clear, but, 15 seconds in, it is possible to see scattered glass fragments.

The owner of the car dealt with the situation in a very relaxed way, although he was forced to pay for a new rear window for his Model 3. He told Inside EVs that has already been to the police station of Palo Alto and delivered the videos and photos captured by the Sentinel mode to the officers.

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