Tesla Model X survives a tornado and records everything

A Tesla Model X vehicle was taken by surprise by a tornado in the Barrie region of Ontario, Canada, and managed to survive the natural phenomenon. But in addition to passing unscathed through the high-speed winds, the car still managed to record as it did, thanks to its Sentinel Mode, which filmed the entire event.

In the northern hemisphere, tornadoes are a relatively rare phenomena annually. However, about 1,000 of them occur in the United States, while Canada faces around 100 tornadoes each year. According to the United States National Weather Service, the occurrence of these events has increased, something that may be linked to climate change.

The tornado in question struck Bernie last Thursday (15) and left nine wounded and a radius of more than five kilometers of damage, but luckily no one died. The tornado received a preliminary classification EF-2, with the winds reaching a maximum speed of 210 km/h.

See the log of the tornado by the view of the Tesla Model X:

High safety rating

The Tesla Model X managed to capture some impressive images while the tornado passed through it. The images were made thanks to Tesla Sentinel Mode, which detects the movements around the vehicle using a set of Autopilot system cameras and some security records. In the images, you can see several objects flying around the car.

Among everything that was taken from the ground by the force of the winds, are even other cars. However, the Model X, which weighs about 2.5 tons, did not move during the tornado. This was probably due to its low center of gravity, courtesy of the battery mounted at the bottom of the car. This, among other things, helped Tesla Model X achieve some of the world’s highest security ratings. Although it was not taken from the ground, the owner of the vehicle noted that the car was quite scratched and crushed by the wreckage, which reached the panels and the body, but the insurer must cover all the damage.

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