Tesla’s automatic loto saves family of bears on the road

While driving on the road in automatic mode, Andrew Whittle, owner of a Tesla Model 3, says his car stopped alone when he detected a bear and his puppies in the middle of the road. The incident occurred in Montana in the United States and was captured by the camera integrated in the car panel. “I was driving near the Glacier National Park in Montana at night. Most of my trip from Utah trip to Montana was made on the automatic pilot, including this moment when you can see the car go from 80 km/h to 0 km/h, when the car detects this family of bears”, Whittle said in a tweet.

Whittle still released the video by ‘TeslaCam’:

The Tesla autopilot has improved more and more with software updates and is now able to detect more objects on the road. However, like any automatic mode, the service is not perfect yet and Tesla recommends that your drivers pay attention at all times and are able to take control if they sense any danger.

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