Trust Laro Powerbank Review

Computers are increasingly efficient and want to allow normal uses higher than normal working hours. However, it may take an extra charge and we do not have the possibility to do so. How about a powerbank, but instead of being for smartphones, focused on laptops?

There are already many options for smartphones, but for computers there was still not much, because each had its own charging cable, but with the democratization of the USB-C, this becomes easier and the Trust has an excellent option: the Trust Laro.

It seems very exciting at first, especially for owners of the 13 inch MacBook or other 13 inch laptops overall. But is it really functional? Can Trust Laro 65W USB-C Laptop Powerbank convince? What about real capacity? Does the USB port C really provides 65W?

Trust Laro 65W USB-C Laptop Powerbank

Measuring 152 x 77 x 27mm and weighing 471g, the Trust Laro Powerbank is a comparatively large and heavy model, for its capacity of 20,000mAh. However, this is not surprising! We are looking at a powerful powerbank with great capacity that is even necessary to charge portable computers.

This always results in some extra weight and size. If you are looking for a particularly compact and lightweight model that is intended only to load smartphones and related ones, then there are better powerbanks on the market. Trust Laro is intended for portable computers, which can also be used for other portable devices.

With regard to use, the powerbank can be described as quite simple. Trust uses a normal plastic that does not stand out at all. In terms of doors, Laro offers a USB port C and a USB A port.

The USB port A is a Quick Charge 3.0 port with up to 18W of power. The USB port C is a USB Power Delivery port with PPS! This door can deliver up to 65W. However, Trust relies on PPS’ “extension” to allow its devices to extract tensions beyond these fixed levels. If your smartphone needs 8.5V for a great load, that’s what it will offer.

With this power, it will be possible to charge portable computers through the powerbank with a good charging speed, which is very important, because in this way it allows us not to run out of battery and necessarily expect tens of minutes so that we can re-use.

We were very surprised, because the charging time of laptops is very fast, even allowed us to continue working and get the battery completely full during our use.

Now, as with the capacity of 65W, it is also possible to load the powerbank itself with this power, which is very good, because to load 20,000 mAh can be timely, if we do not have a good fast charging capacity, and obviously everything will depend on the wall charger (and also the cable).

In terms of charging, the powerbank needed almost two hours to fully charge, because I used a charger that took advantage of the 65W charging. So I consider that almost two hours

Verdict: Trust Laro

There are many powerbanks on the market, but most of them seek to offer the best for mobile devices and that is not what we will find here. The offer is clearly to load computers and this is something more complicated to find on the market, but equally important nowadays.

Therefore, if you are looking for a computer powerbank, namely if your computer also loads 65W or similar powers, Trust Laro is undoubtedly the ideal company.

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