Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2.0 TDI Review

Volkswagen Tiguan was released in 2006, almost two decades ago. In 2016 the German brand launched a second generation of the SUV, which eventually received a new facelift review last year.

This year Tiguan received the new and more spacious version; the Tiguan Allspace. It is larger than the normal model and offers two more places, and it passes until it has a distance between axles larger. Volkswagen itself puts this new SUV between the base Tiguan and the Touareg.

Some subtle cosmetic changes and a generous base technology kit create a final product that approaches Touareg more than normal Tiguan. But is the new Tiguan Allspace capable of facing competition?


The new SUV of the German brand has a 2.0 liter TDI engine (turbodiesel) capable of producing 148 horses and 320 Binary Nm. Although this motorization is more than capable, there is still a more powerful option that comes in the form of a 2.0 liter TDI 4Motion engine. This second version is already able to debit 198 horses and allows an acceleration of 0-100 Km/h in 7.8 seconds, 2 seconds faster than base motorization.

As for transmission, you will have to choose a 6-speed manual box or a DSG automatic box that has revealed to have very smooth transitions. You will also have to choose a front-wheel drive system or a full-wheel drive system, and in the base motor is only available the front-wheel drive option.

Although Volkswagen has opted to offer only diesel engineization with this SUV, this choice is satisfying, since the brand has designed this car so it is normally used to carry the maximum load. However, a gasoline option or a hybrid version would have been welcomed, which is present in many of the competition vehicles.

The diesel engine works well for a type machine and is its economy is great when used together with the DSG automatic box. Unfortunately, this engine has typical vibrations and noise at low speeds in diesel engines.


Tiguan Allspace offers a high driving position, which we have been used to by several SUVs over the past few years. The presence of a parking aid system and some other electronic controls make the driving task more convenient.

The wheelbase can be greater than the base Tiguan, but this does not make driving more difficult. In reality it ends up offering greater stability to the car. The hard suspension and the twenty-inch rims eventually make the SUV direction a little more rigid than normal. Although this problem is somewhat mitigated by the increase in the speed at which it is circulated.

Overall, the driving of the Tiguan is satisfactory and competent. You don’t have to offer anything exciting either, since that’s not what the public is looking for in a car like this.

Interior and Equipment

The development of Tiguan Allspace took place at the same time as Tiguan base, and despite that, Allspace seems to have a more captivating aspect than his brother.

Another detail that is to be noted is similar to the Volkswagen Atlas, an SUV exclusive to the American market. This new SUV is also marketed in the US market, unlike the base version, so it is not surprising that the German brand used Atlas influences during the development of Tiguan Allspace.

The interior of Allspace also demonstrates that the brand made more than simply increasing the size of the car. The changes can be subtle but are shown to be effective. Although these additions are few, they offer a superior quality that is not always present in other market options.

This new version of Tiguan has two extra banks, increasing the number of seats to seven. However, these end up only for occasional use, as they offer limited space. As for the trunk, it offers 230 liters of space, and can still increase it thanks to the rear rebatable banks, which increase this capacity to the 700 liters.

The display present in the central console has a surprisingly fast processing, and it only takes about 12 seconds to calculate a route based on the postcode entered by the user. The layout and appearance of the graphical interface make the system more intuitive and user friendly. However, touch functions sometimes show that they have some delay in user input. Another disadvantage is Discover Media installed, and not only is the latest version like the new version of Volkswagen Golf and ID.3 both have the latest version of this firmware.


Like the interior, the exterior of the Tiguan Allspace presents subtle changes in its design. The rear doors are longer, due to the new length of the body and the presence of two additional places. The window line was also revised.

On the front, the hood was elevated and a new chrome line covers the front from one side to the other. In addition, this part of the car now has road or off-road options. This second option contains an off-road package that improves the approach angle on the front of the car.

Finally, you can also have tejadilho bars complemented by structural lines. These come as base equipment, something you will not find in the base model of Tiguan.

Verdict: Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

Overall, the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is a great option for drivers who need a spacious and efficient car. The new improvements complement what was already a fairly solid family car. I have an interior with great comfort and a good quality of construction that Volkswagen has inhabited us.

If you are thinking about trading your Volkswagen Touran MPV for Allspace, you may be somewhat disappointed by the lack of space, however it is a strong competitor with respect to several competitors on the market. But pay attention to the price, as for other close opponents, such as Skoda Kodiaq, the Tiguan Allspace is slightly more expensive.

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