Volvo bets on LIDAR devices to improve autonomous driving

Volvo plans to produce vehicles equipped with LIDAR devices in 2022. According to TechCrunch, the feature will be applied to the development of an automatic pilot system aimed at driving on roads and improving the driver’s assistance system.

LIDAR is used to measure the distance between the car and other objects based on some properties of the reflection of light. To ensure access to this technology, Volvo has closed a partnership with the “Luminar” startup. The idea is to install the device in an integrated way to cameras, radars and software in order to ensure driving, braking and power consumption functions related to the auto driver’s assistance system work better than ever before.

For now, technology must integrate a package of tools that consumers can add to vehicles from the second generation of Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture (Scalable Product Architecture) platform. The company expects that in the future, LIDAR will be a standard option for all vehicles on the platform.

Luminar sensors will be discreet and positioned on the car ceiling. The installation of the hardware devices, however, does not yet mean that consumers can let the autopilot take the driving on the roads.

Safety update

As with autopilots of competitors, Volvo’s software should work only on certain roads. The company’s expectation is to support new locations, as the company validates the safety of the use of technology in these lanes.

The company will still employ a continuous improvement of system qualities, such as the regulation of maximum speed a vehicle can travel on the autopilot. The strategy is similar to the Tesla process, which sells automated driving resources for consumers and applies constant updates on the platform.

Currently, the main automatic pilot systems in the market, such as Tesla autopilot and GM Super Cruise, still require the driver to keep an eye on the way ahead or keep their hands on the wheel.

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