WWDC21: App Store will have a new feature called “Events”

The WWDC21 conference on Monday (7) has brought some news regarding the Apple App Store. At the event, the company revealed that it has already paid US$ 230 billion to developers since the launch of the store, and that it receives 600 million visitors a week. The main novelty in the App Store is the inclusion of a “Events” feature. The new tool will offer relevant applications and highlight urgent moments such as live game broadcasts or movie premieres, for example.

These news will be made clearer in the actual store. The user may be able to sign up to be notified or search directly. The idea is to expand the reach of developers’ events. Apple says it wants to help these professionals connect to new users, keep them updated, but also to reconnect with old users.

Developers will still be able to maintain multiple product pages to test what graphics and text works to win customers over. This comes at a time when Apple is facing a lot of pressure from developers and legislators alike, because of their rules and fees.

Like with other features presented by the company at the WWDC21 conference, developers will be able to access this feature immediately by updating to the new beta version of iOS. Non-developers should expect to get these new features later this year.

The biggest news presented by Apple at the conference was the company’s new mobile operating system. iOS 15 is fully focused on role integration. Apple has also shown the company’s watchOS 8, smartwatch software, macOS Monterrey and iPad OS 15.

There are also some privacy-related news, such as a protection feature in the email app, that hides the IP, location and if the user opened the message. It also expanded privacy control with iCloud+ and brought Siri improvements.

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